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Zoom Book Cover titled A Monster Misunderstanding, When Happy met Buddy, starring Happy the Hodag and Buddy the bulldog and featuring a picture of happy the Hodag peaking out from behind a grass ridge against a blue sky.

A Monster Misunderstanding

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A fast-paced and funny story of how a small town dog and a forest monster become friends after a very strange misunderstanding. Starring Happy the Hodag and Buddy the Bulldog, the duo reminds us all that being different isn't bad and not everything you hear is true, it's best to make your own decisions by getting the story from the source, that's how you make monster size friendships that can last you a lifetime!

6" x 6" - Softcover - Perfect Bound

PROMOTES INCLUSION & CRITICAL THINKING: Through lighthearted scenarios, the story encourages children to approach situations with open minds, fostering inclusive behavior and critical thinking skills. The duo teaches that embracing differences and seeking truth directly from the source can lead to enduring friendships that transcend stereotypes.

ENGAGING STORY: Fast-paced with hidden nuggets of humor, and bright compositions keep you moving.

FUN READ-ALOUD: Smart with an easy rhyming rhythm, an almost effortless nightly go-to.

CUDDLY CREATURES: Happy the Hodag and Buddy the Bulldog are irresistible.

Perfect for:
• Fans of Happy the Hodag, Buddy the Bulldog, friendly monsters, and charismatic bulldogs
• Parents seeking humorous, easy-to-read picture books
• Teachers, librarians, and storytime readers
• Gift givers seeking a unique monster picture book
• Fans of nature, camping, hiking, and outdoor exploration
• Teachers, grandparents, and caregivers looking for a compelling read-aloud

First Print Edition Published March 2007 (print),
Updated eBook Editions Published March 2024 (iBook & Kindle)

A Monster Misunderstanding

$ 6.95



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