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Hodag Book : A Monster Misunderstanding

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A Monster Misunderstanding Book Cover, When Happy the Hodag meets Buddy the Bulldog
A well loved Happy the Hodag book
Happy the Hodag meets the Abominable (Yeti) Snowman
Happy the hodag meets buddy the bulldog
Buddy the Bulldog learning the horrors of hodags

What is a hodag and how did one become friends with a bulldog? (Because everyone knows hodags EAT bulldogs—but only once a month and only on a Sunday.) A prequel to Tales From the Trees and a little more lore from the history of the hodag.

Full-color illustrated picture book for kids starring Happy the Hodag & Buddy the Bulldog. (2007)

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6" x 6"  :  36 pages  :  Soft Glossy Cover  :  Perfect Bound.

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