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Zoom Book Cover titled A Monster Misunderstanding, When Happy met Buddy, starring Happy the Hodag and Buddy the bulldog and featuring a picture of happy the Hodag peaking out from behind a grass ridge against a blue sky.
Zoom Toddler girl in stroller wearing a happy the Hodag t-shirt and holding well worn copy of the book A Monster Misunderstanding
Zoom The first spread of the book A Monster Misunderstanding the illustration is depicting Happy the Hodag meeting the Abominable (Yeti) Snowman. Text reads: Monsters are known to be big and hairy. Some have horns and large teeth and that can be scary. But are monsters so horrible that they don't deserve friends? Playmates to whom their toys they might lend?
Zoom Happy the hodag meets buddy the bulldog
Zoom A spread from the book A Monster Misunderstanding showing a thought bubble coming from Happy, sitting on a branch visualizing Buddy's face while the other spread is Buddy visually remembering Buddy's mother reading him and his siblings a book called 'The Hodag Legend'. The text reads: 'Happy had never seen such a creature before—and didn't know that he ate them, according to lore. But Buddy the Bulldog, who had just wandered up— had known this story since he was a very young pup.

Hodag Book : A Monster Misunderstanding

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What is a hodag and how did one become friends with a bulldog? (Because everyone knows hodags EAT bulldogs—but only once a month and only on a Sunday.) A prequel to Tales From the Trees and a little more lore from the history of the hodag.

Full-color illustrated picture book for kids starring Happy the Hodag & Buddy the Bulldog. (2007)

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6" x 6"  :  36 pages  :  Soft Glossy Cover  :  Perfect Bound.

Hodag Book : A Monster Misunderstanding

$ 6.95



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