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Hodag Books : Happy the Hodag 3-Book Set

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Three book covers including HODAG, A Happy the Hodag Book, A Monster Misunderstanding, When Happy met Buddy and Tales From the Trees. All three book cover illustrations feature Happy the Hodag with a nature background.

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Tales From The Trees
A fun and lovable twist on the hodag lumberjack lore of the Northwoods for kids. Happy the Hodag and his sidekick Buddy the Bulldog debuted in this rhyming picture book that explores what it's like to be a hodag. (2006)

A Monster Misunderstanding
A suspenseful and funny picture book for kids exploring how a hodag came to be friends with a bulldog... because everyone knows hodags EAT bulldogs—but only once a month and only on a Sunday. (2007)

If you love the outdoors and having fun you might just be a hodag! A rhyming book filled with optimism and encouragement for the hodag in all of us. A bright, full-color illustrated picture book for all ages starring Happy the Hodag, Buddy the Bulldog and nine new hodag friends. (2016)


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