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Book cover of HODAG, A Happy the Hodag Book, Words and pictures by Jill Kuczmarski. Cover illustration features Happy the Hodag front and center with a lake and forest behind him with  Big Foot, the Yeti, and Nessy in the distance.
First illustrated spread from the book HODAG. Bright multi green illustration features trees and nine new Hodag characters and also Happy the Hodag
A colorful illustration of Happy the Hodag painting in the forest from the book HODAG, a happy the hodag book
A colorful illustration of Hodag Moss, who is from the Pacific Northwest, from the book HODAG, a Happy the Hodag book

Do you know of the mythical creature called the hodag? The hodag is a legend and a way of life, learn what it means to be a hodag in this rhyming book filled with optimism and encouragement for the hodag in all of us. A bright, full-color illustrated picture book for all ages starring Happy the Hodag, Buddy the Bulldog and nine new hodag friends. (2016)

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7.75" x 7.75"  :  36 pages  :  Soft Cover  :  Perfect Bound

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