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Living Local

Did You Know...

...that Happy The Hodag apparel supports TWO local business types?

All of our apparel at our local Rhinelander, WI retailers is printed with a local, independent screen printer and retailers receive 50% of the apparel price! This means that in most cases we're making a profit of about a dollar a shirt, sometimes a dollar or two more depending on the garment costs, but this year due to increased apparel costs and limited availability we're sitting at about a dollar a shirt, even less for onesies.

So Why Even Do It!?

It boggles some minds that we would even bother with such low margins, but we do it for the love of the art of the t-shirt. It's true, I (Jill) LOVE making t-shirt art. It's very different from what I create in my career as a marketing Creative Director and I consider it a creative exercise to keep my synapses nimble.

And what do we do with that slim margin of profit? Make new stuff, advertise, sponsor local events and donate books to local organizations, mostly for kids. And someday, maybe, we'll even go big time and do something that could sustain some local employees. Until then, we're having fun ;)

On that donation note, anyone formerly associated with the Rhinelander chapter of First Book For Kids who knows where the loads of extra books we donated are at, please let us know, we would love to get those back in the schools as the donation they were intended to be!

What About the Other Stuff?

Same story, slim margins but Happy customers. It's super fun to help elevate awareness for local businesses with unique Happy The Hodag books, plush and whatever else I think of over our long, long Winters. Maybe someday we'll do our own retail store too --- maybe a weekend pop-up shop... ;)



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